MBA & Master in Advertising & Public Relations




Specialisation right in the world’s capital of lobbying

This programme examines Lobbying and Public affairs and includes technical courses, workshops and site visits. Students will be asked to present a case study  of an established British brand and will also gain practical experience in media planning.

London is the city that concentrates the largest lobbying firms in Europe. Lobbying employs thousands of people working on behalf of inter-professional groups, NGOs, unions, economic and industrial sectors.

Following this training, students are immersed in the world of public relations and political communication. They learn the machinery of political decisions and how to make sure that the interests of one group are duly defended. This specialisation is intended for students with an initial training in marketing communications, language fluency in English and French and public speaking skills.

I definitely recommend this program, especially if you want to start your career abroad. The courses were relevant and the many guest lectures we had were always targeted. We also visited agencies which showed us the professional work environment and give us key contacts.
~Charles M., 2014 session

Company visits

MBA students recently visited two highly regarded agencies based in London and are given every opportunity to learn immersively in the field.