MSc2 Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship INSEEC London: 15 Sept 2014 – 26 Feb 2015

This   programme  provides   general   management   courses   together   with   highly-specialised   modules   in   the   areas   of   Innovation,   Strategy   and   Entrepreneurship.   It   is   designed   to   provide   you   with   valuable  insight  and  tools  to  design,  build,  and  oversee  development  projects,  which  gives  you  an excellent   basis  to  pursue  a  variety  of  careers:  starting  up  your  own  business,  taking  over  a  family  business,  bringing   innovation  to  large  multi-­‐nationals,  or  working  as  a  business  consultant.

MSc2 International Business Management courses 15 Sept 2014 – 26 Feb 2015

This programme provides a range of courses which give deeper insights into global business and finance and includes International Relations and Geopolitics, International Trade Law, Emerging Markets.

INSEEC LONDON 3rd Year BBA overview: 2 Sept 2014 – 10 May 2015 (end date to be confirmed)

This  programme  gives  you  a  solid  foundation  in  the  key  areas  of  Business  Studies  and  provides   essential  methods  and  know-­‐how  for  the  future  manager.  These  include  marketing,  finance,  and   strategy.  Modules  are  delivered by  a  faculty  of  lecturers  boasting  both  academic  excellence  and   practical  experience  from  work  in  industry,  several  of  them  for  their  own  company. Experiential  learning  plays  a  major  role  throughout,  in  the  modules  as  well  as  in  the  credit-­‐awarding   business  projects  you  will  accomplish.

–    ECE SEMAC 2014: 2 Feb 2015 – 10 May 2015 (dates to be confirmed)

This programme gives you the business methods and know how to succeed and includes language courses and London specific projects.