How to settle in London

Full Semesters & Long Stay Accommodations

We have put together a bundle of information on best practices to find a room in London for students staying for more than 1 month.

Summer or Short Session Accommodations

If you are coming to visit us for a summer session or a short programme this is the relevant information package.


For Your Information
per month to rent a bedroom
Students in London
% of foreign students

Housing has a strong impact on your social life and cultural experience. The choice of accommodation will depend on your personal preferences, the length of your stay, and your budget.

Tip #1 - Don't leave it the last minute

#Do not leave the accommodation search last minute, get in touch with agencies, read forum, look at accommodation websites prior to your arrival to have an idea of the market, cost and type of product. Previous Inseec student recommendations are sometimes the best as they speak from experience. Contact them!

Tip #2 - Beware of ``terms of use``
#Be aware of the terms and conditions (Deposit and rent payment in advance, contract, invoices, payment methods)
#Check out who you will be renting from to avoid traps and bad experience
 #Do not pay a deposit without ANY Contract or Proof with receipt.

Landlord and Estates Agencies have to secure your deposit on a legal company hold by the government ( more information on ), if it’s isn’t the case, they could be prosecute.

#Never transfer money to the landlord until you have seen the place he/she proposes.

Tip #3 - Expectation VS reality

#Prioritise your needs (budget, location, expectations, etc.) and make a fair balance or judgment between what you can afford and your expectations.

Tip #4 - Prepare your budget

#Prioritise your needs (budget, location, expectations, etc.) and make a fair balance or judgment between what you can afford and your expectations.

Tip #5 - Build your network
 #London is full of opportunities, don’t miss out and keep broadening your horizons and develop your network by making new friends.
Tip #6 - Define your accommodation type
 #There are many accommodation type you can find in London, just choose the best for you between flat share, studio, student halls of residence or homestay. They all have pros and cons, which you can feel for yourself.
Tip #7 - Make friends!
 #You are not in London to stay isolated into your room, get into the Londoner’s culture and go out to meet people from everywhere in the world. For the modest ones, there are social platforms like ‘Meetup’ of Facebook Groups where you can meet people through a common interest.
Tip #8 - You are student, enjoy it!
 #Having the student status helps you benefit from discount like travel card, gallery visits, cinema memberships etc.
Where to live

Faustine from Londonnest, one of our partnership, explain you everything you have to know about Health.


For Your Information

Seeking medical help in London is not a big deal, discover how to take care of you below.

Emergency number

The European Health Insurance card

# It’s very important thing to obtain your European Health Insurance card (la Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie). This card will ensure free or subsidized medical treatment in any country of the European Economic Area.

Simply request it from your Social Security providers (LMDE or SMEREP), and you should receive it within two weeks.

Ameli website

Register with a General Practitioner (GP)
 #Short-Term students
If you are here for less than 6 months:
Any emergency is free of charge. Go directly to the emergency room, at any hospital. You might have to wait a couple of hours, but it is worth it; you will be provided with free high quality treatment.


#Long-Term students

If you are here lasting six months or more:

you can get treatment from the NHS including free doctor’s examinations and hospital treatment. You should register with a general practitioner (GP).

You must go to the local medical centre of your neighbourhood and present:

-Your passport

-A proof of your UK address

-A proof of your student status in the UK If you are registered with the NHS you are entitled to the services of an NHS dentist, although dental treatment is not free. You also have to pay to benefit from eye-treatment.

# To find your nearest doctor, optician, dentist or pharmacy, look there.

Useful contacts
University College Hospital (Emergency):
235 Euston Road London, WC1 2
Nearest Tube station: Hammersmith
St Mary ’s Hospital ( Emergency ) :
Praed Street London, W2 1NY
Nearest Tube station: Paddington
Phone number: 020 753 6500
Dispensaire Français:
184 Hammersmith Road London, W6 7DJ
Nearest Tube station: Hammersmith
Phone number: 020 8222 8822
Soho Walk-in-centre (Emergency care):
1 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 3HZ
Nearest Tube stations: Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square
Phone number: 020 753 6500

Cost of Living

Faustine from Londonnest give you some tips about your savings when you arrive in London.

For Your Information

The cost of living in London is sometimes a worry for students. However, it is possible to enjoy London’s cultural and social offerings for little or no budget. This will balance the somewhat higher costs of accommodation and transport.

£ Per month for Transport

Transportation London has an extensive public transportation system. The London Underground is one of the largest metro systems in the world. Apart from its underground network, the famous two-staged red buses run in all parts of London.


#The Oyster Card

Getting a transportation card known as “Oyster card” is convenient. Use the “Pay as you go” system. It is very simple: put a certain amount of money on it. Then, you will travel using your card. This system might be more cost efficient if you only take the bus or if you will not use public transports very often.


INSEEC London in partnership with the London Transport will provide you a Student Oystercard. Thanks to this card, you will benefit from a 30 % student discount on all the transportation fares. You must be a full-time student at Groupe INSEEC London for more than 14 weeks (a full semester), physically on campus, to benefit from student’s fares. You will be given essential information upon arrival in order to benefit from this scheme.

Tip #1

# Cash is not accepted in buses anymore. You can pay your journey with an Oyster card and contactless payment card

Near the campus, there are many places to have lunch. Supermarkets like Waitrose or Tesco in Marylebone High Street offer catering services and provide you hot meals (e.g. soup, meal box) or sandwiches. Those services have a good value for money. You should also look at the lunch deals: it is a special offer at a discounted price. Some fast food chain restaurants such as KFC, Mc Donald’s or Prêta-Manger are located in the local neighbourhood.

For More Information around the Campus

Tip #2

# Use your student ID as many times as you can: London is generous with students.

# Clothing shops do provide student discount but also cinemas, bookshops, hairdresser and restaurants.